Navigating Alteryx Maze of Tools

Alteryx is objectively an amazing tool to manipulate data and models, without coding (much). As I mentioned in earlier posts, that simplicity involves trade offs. One of those is the initial difficulty to apprehend the potential and capabilities of the solution. One can feel lost when facing the sheer number of tools available, 170 and counting, without even mentioning the 3rd party tools. Of course, a new user will start with a set of 10-20 tools, and will expand gradually, as she discovers new tools to address new use cases.

Well the great news is that there is a way to accelerate that process, and therefore the overall ramp up to proficiency. During Inspire 2017, Alteryx annual customer event, a map was released which comes really handy:

It is designed as a periodic table and helps discover tools, based on their popularity (the wisdom of crowds…), their use case or type.

Without further ado, here is the link where to download the full size PDF, at the bottom of the post:

The whole post is well worth a read; the talented creator gives the full story behind the inception and the execution…


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