About Me

My work experience is fairly diverse, but tied to Business Intelligence and to Analytics one way or another.

It was important to me to be able to get as much experience as I could before choosing my line of work. You see, this is a decision that will determine the rest of my life, so it had to be the right one. Plus, having a diversified work experience portfolio would do wonders for my resume, and hiring a professional resume writing service like ARC Resumes (https://www.arcresumes.com/local/new-york/) to help me improve the rest of it would put me in a great position when it comes to applying for new jobs further down the line.

So, when the opportunities for work experience made themselves known to me, I just knew that it had to be related to Business Intelligence and Analytics because this is what I wanted to do.

I come from a business background, studied International Business then got an MBA. I do not code much, just enough to be dangerous, but have a firm grasp of the concepts underlying a database, performance issues in particular.

I most recently worked at Alteryx driving Business Analysis from the Bay Area, hence the picture above, in case you were wondering. But nowadays, I started my own consulting business, called Lake of Data, to deliver a variety of services related to Data Lake deployments. I carved myself a niche working with Marketo APIs to populate Data Lakes along with CRM data (=SFDC). Marketo data is notoriously hard to access and format for trend analysis; Marketo’s dedicated solution RCA was so lacking that it is not visible anymore on Marketo’s website.

I have been using Tableau since June 2013, and am certified. I am pretty knowledgeable with Alteryx as well, as I was the first one in the company to use it for business analytics. This has taken most of my attention away from Excel with PowerPivot, which I have been using for over 6 years. I also used MongoDB and Neo4j Graph databases, and more recently accumulated experience with massive parallel processing (MPP) databases, more specifically AWS Redshift and Snowflake, which I both find fascinating. I have also studied R, Python, Sisense and Qlikview, but have no practical experience with those tools.

I am available for consulting engagements. More info available on my profile at LinkedIn and you can follow me on Twitter