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Add a Time Stamp in Tableau using Alteryx to Inform Users of Data freshness

When introducing new dashboards with possible hiccups in refresh operations, or ad hoc reports, users are often confronted with doubts about the timeliness of the data exposed: Does that include yesterday’s orders? Why am I not seeing the activity I … Continue reading

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Wean Off VLOOKUP with the Index-Match Combo

Whether you need to perform a quick & dirty join of two tables in Excel to fetch an attribute, or to build more robust (!) data blending for your data preparation, you might still be limiting yourself to just the … Continue reading

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Extreme Close Up: let Tableau Users drill down from Aggregates to Transactions to expose Audit Trail

When it comes to businesses, there are many ways that they can be successful. For example, some businesses like to use things like a microsoft dynamics implementation to help them when it comes to CRM (and also ERP). ERP and … Continue reading

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How to Configure the MongoDB Alteryx Connector to extract and feed Tableau

<Update: Since this post, Tableau has announced the upcoming availability of a MongoDB Connector by the end of 2015, looks promising…> I am using the Alteryx MongoDB Connector  to generate TDE files to feed Tableau, since Tableau does not offer dedicated … Continue reading

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How to Translate SQL Joins to Alteryx

Old habits die hard… The main obstacle I found when ramping up on Alteryx was to understand how to perform a very basic task: Joining two tables! The mainstream SQL way to Joins was ingrained in me, reinforced by Tableau Blending … Continue reading

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