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Overcome 10 Excel limitations with Alteryx

Various sources estimate that Excel has between 750 million and 1 billion users worldwide. Odds are that the vast majority of analysts start manipulating data with Excel. Beyond its ubiquity, and from my days of analytics at Microsoft, I have … Continue reading

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Automate Target to Date Attainment

This post is an extension of the previously covered topic: Display optional business Targets to your Actuals in Tableau The business scenario used to introduce the topic in the previous post was kept basic, on purpose. I’d like to introduce … Continue reading

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How to easily Document your Tableau Reports

Every shiny Tableau dashboard comes, or should come, with less glamorous strings attached: documentation… If you want to share the Tableau love, you ought to document how you drove from a data source to a new indicator, and ultimately to … Continue reading

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Coloring Tableau Worksheet

This post is most certainly more relevant to Tableau beginners coming from Excel, but advanced Tableau users might still find some value, since the question looks easy but turns out the solution is less than obvious…

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Avoid Sampling Your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics (GA) is a good freemium tool to analyze traffic flowing through your web properties. It is the most widely used for web analytics, with a 82.4% market share for July 2015, commensurate to Google’s share of the web … Continue reading

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