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Automate Target to Date Attainment

This post is an extension of the previously covered topic: Display optional business Targets to your Actuals in Tableau The business scenario used to introduce the topic in the previous post was kept basic, on purpose. I’d like to introduce … Continue reading

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AND Filter or the Tableau Basket Analysis Conundrum

A simple user inquiry sent me recently in a spin and got me to doubt my Tableau skills: “Show me all the Leads who have responded to Marketing Campaign 1 AND Marketing Campaign 2 within the month” I thought it … Continue reading

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Upload directly to Tableau Server from Alteryx

Since I posted last June on automating Tableau operations using Alteryx, new versions of Alteryx (V10 + V10.1) and Tableau (V9.1 + V9.2) got released. That post remains relevant as ever, but a new feature is worth a separate update: the great Information Labs Upload … Continue reading

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How to Automate Data Refresh Operations to Tableau Server with Alteryx

new Alteryx Macro to upload to Tableau Server and Online directly> So you built a kick-ass visualization in Tableau, which reads from a tidy single TDE file you obtained, after you blended in Alteryx several data sources and performed complex … Continue reading

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Create a delta extractor for MongoDB with Alteryx

Did you get excited by the MongoDB + Tableau announcement about the availability of a BI Connector to extract from MongoDB and convert BSON documents on the fly to the relational format Tableau requires? Then you might have been a bit … Continue reading

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