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Report and Analyze Marketing Campaigns ROI

Marketing ROI is a vast topic, top of mind for most CMOs who feel accountable for their budget. Yet, that topic is not well established academically, and even less technically. A simple search on Amazon shows some books addressing the … Continue reading

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TC15 Tableau Conference Highlights

This year’s Tableau Conference in Las Vegas was a good vintage, it was large and crowded for sure, but loaded with good content and some spectacular product announcements. With 11,000 attendees, the 2015 edition almost doubled the size of Seattle’s … Continue reading

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Extracting Salesforce.com (SFDC) data to Tableau

For convenience, I will systematically refer to Salesforce.com as SFDC. As the largest CRM vendor according to Gartner, SFDC is pretty ubiquitous, and the odds are that most Tableau users dealing with sales figures have already run into this data … Continue reading

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Add a Time Stamp in Tableau using Alteryx to Inform Users of Data freshness

When introducing new dashboards with possible hiccups in refresh operations, or ad hoc reports, users are often confronted with doubts about the timeliness of the data exposed: Does that include yesterday’s orders? Why am I not seeing the activity I … Continue reading

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Extreme Close Up: let Tableau Users drill down from Aggregates to Transactions to expose Audit Trail

One key benefit of Business Intelligence solutions, is to let users gain what I call data altitude. Namely, they can see a large volumes of transactions in ways that are, hopefully, business relevant. Taking specifically the example of salesforce.com’s CRM solution, … Continue reading

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