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10 Tricks to adopt Redshift In-DB

If you are still manipulating data in Excel, why should you care about In-DB and Redshift? Whether you are accessing your Redshift data through Alteryx or through Tableau, knowing how to prepare your data within Redshift, with In-DB tool in … Continue reading

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Create a delta extractor for MongoDB with Alteryx

Did you get excited by the MongoDB + Tableau announcement about the availability of a BI Connector to extract from MongoDB and convert BSON documents on the fly to the relational format Tableau requires? Then you might have been a bit … Continue reading

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How to Configure the MongoDB Alteryx Connector to extract and feed Tableau

<Update: Since this post, Tableau has announced the upcoming availability of a MongoDB Connector by the end of 2015, looks promising…> I am using the Alteryx MongoDB Connector  to generate TDE files to feed Tableau, since Tableau does not offer dedicated … Continue reading

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