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How to easily Document your Tableau Reports

Every shiny Tableau dashboard comes, or should come, with less glamorous strings attached: documentation… If you want to share the Tableau love, you ought to document how you drove from a data source to a new indicator, and ultimately to … Continue reading

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Mask / Anonymize your data with Alteryx

If you handle data, chances are, you have run into this situation where, upon creating a masterpiece visualization, or an innovative report, you need to share it outside your organization for, say: presenting at a conference obtaining vendor technical assistance … Continue reading

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How to Translate SQL Joins to Alteryx

Old habits die hard… The main obstacle I found when ramping up on Alteryx was to understand how to perform a very basic task: Joining two tables! The mainstream SQL way to Joins was ingrained in me, reinforced by Tableau Blending … Continue reading

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