About Me

My work experience is fairly diverse, but tied to Business Intelligence and to Analytics one way or another.

I come from a business background, studied International Business then got an MBA. I do not code much, just enough to be dangerous, but have a firm grasp of the concepts underlying a database, performance issues in particular.

I most recently worked at Alteryx driving Business Analysis from the Bay Area, hence the picture above, in case you were wondering. But nowadays, I started my own consulting business, called Lake of Data, to deliver a variety of services related to Data Lake deployments. I carved myself a niche working with Marketo APIs to populate Data Lakes along with CRM data (=SFDC). Marketo data is notoriously hard to access and format for trend analysis; Marketo’s dedicated solution RCA was so lacking that it is not visible anymore on Marketo’s website.

I have been using Tableau since June 2013, and am certified. I am pretty knowledgeable with Alteryx as well, as I was the first one in the company to use it for business analytics. This has taken most of my attention away from Excel with PowerPivot, which I have been using for over 6 years. I also used MongoDB and Neo4j Graph databases, and more recently accumulated experience with massive parallel processing (MPP) databases, more specifically AWS Redshift and Snowflake, which I both find fascinating. I have also studied R, Python, Sisense and Qlikview, but have no practical experience with those tools.

I am available for consulting engagements. More info available on my profile at LinkedIn and you can follow me on Twitter